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My Top Five Favorite Ballroom Dance Movies

Okay, Disclaimer: I'm only 35 years old so generationally my fave ballroom dance movies are definitely going to be different than the majority of my students. So in no particular order, I'm going to tell you WHY these are also my favorites so sit back, relax and bring on the popcorn!

1. Dirty Dancing

The dancing in this movie is great! Patrick Swayze is dreamy and it gave a good message of coming out of societal norms of being proper and poised and allowing us to let loose and have fun! I think a good majority of us can relate to this movie as we all dream about being incredible dancers with a whirlwind romance. And while that might not exactly be reality, we can still appreciate the idea that dancing sets our hearts free!

2. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

I love this movie simply because of the storyline. I think it's a good romantic movie that talks through a history outside of the United States. Even though the dancing wasn't the greatest in this movie, the music spoke to my heart and I use the music from this movie all the time in my dance lessons. It's a modern take on the classic with a Latin flare to it!

3. Dance with Me

The storyline in this movie is terrible and at times just downright cheesy but the dancing is absolutely incredible! This movie was one of my first experiences of seeing ballroom and Latin dancing and it did not disappoint. I can't tell you how many times I would fast forward to the dancing parts of this movie which were fun, spicy and just technically well executed. Some of the best dancers in the world of ballroom dancing were featured in this movie and Vanessa Williams did an incredible job at adapting to this style of dancing.

4. Shall We Dance?

This was the movie that solidified my career choice and going into the world of ballroom dancing. It's a light hearted movie describing the tales of a beginner ballroom dancer and a professional teacher not giving up on her dreams of competition. Although not the greatest of dancing in this movie, so many truths of being a ballroom dancer are definitely alive in this movie. It gives a good look into the glamorous and sometimes quirky world of ballroom dancing and all the greatness that comes with it!

5. Take the Lead

This movie is significant to me because it led me to the documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom" and eventually inspired me to join the Milwaukee version of this program. Of course Antonio Banderas is one hot tamale in this film but the message of helping kids find dancing as an alternative outlet is sure to pull at the heart strings.

Did you agree with my list? Would there be any movies you would add? Tell me in the comments below!

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The original Dance with Me (Japanese)

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